Auction Cards
Primary Colors 67# Cover
Chinese auctions are a great way to raise funds.  A Chinese Auction card consists of a large ticket with
25 small stubs which the owner tears apart to place in containers that are located in front of items that
are up for chance. A bidder buys these tickets (which are chances to win items) Bidders buy as many
tickets as they like, and bid them on any item(s) they want by placing them in the container placed in
front of the item(s) they are trying to win. At the conclusion of bidding, the winning ticket is drawn from
the container in front of each item, and the item is given to the owner of that ticket. The chance of
winning depends on the total number of tickets bid by the individuals.

Chinese Auction cards are sold to the bidders for any dollar amount you designate, bidders are
getting 25 chances to win per Auction card, set your sale price accordingly.
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